We are very happy to announce the next talk in the syntax colloquium this term. Anke Himmelreich will talk about “Variable Affix Order on the Surface: The Case of Turkish”. The talk will take place online, please see the information below on how to participate.

Title: Variable Affix Order on the Surface: The Case of Turkish
Time: 04.05.2020, 4.15 pm
Place: Zoom (If you are not a regular member of the syntax colloquium and if you would like to listen to this talk, please contact Katharina Hartmann: k.hartmann@lingua.uni-frankfurt.de. You will be sent a link / ID to Zoom.)

The Turkish verb has two surface positions for the agreement suffix.  This phenomenon has so far received fairly little attention. Drawing from data involving suspended affixation (Kornfilt 1996), we argue that, syntactically, there is only one position for  the agreement marker (cf. also Kabak 2007) and that the variability of the position is due to  surface-oriented constraints, which additionally derive the pattern of suspended affixation (in  contrast to previous analyses by Good and Yu (2005); Kabak (2007); Sag (2013)).