New publications and research at the department ( = Open Access)

 New publication by Cornelia Ebert

Ebert, C. (2024). Semantics of Gesture. Annual Review of Linguistics, 10.

New publication by Kathryn Barnes and Cornelia Ebert

Barnes, K., & Ebert, C. (2023). The information status of iconic enrichments: modelling gradient at-issueness. Theoretical Linguistics, 49(3-4), 167-223.

Barnes, K., & Ebert, C. (2023). Iconicity and gradient at-issueness: insights and future avenues. Theoretical Linguistics, 49(3-4), 305-318.

Festschrift “To the left, to the right, and much in between – A Festschrift for Katharina Hartmann”

The festschrift ist an open-access online publication. It can be downloaded here on the institute’s website: 

New research center “Negation in Language and Beyond”

New publication by Markus Bader:

Bader, Markus, Jacopo Torregrossa & Esther Rinke. 2023. Pinning down the interaction between
  animacy and syntactic function in the interpretation of German and Italian personal and
  demonstrative pronouns. Discourse Processes 0(0). 1–19.

New publication by Markus Bader:

Bader, Markus. 2023. How free is the position of german object pronouns? In Kristin Kopf &
  Thilo Weber (eds.), Free variation in grammar: Empirical and theoretical approaches, 22–47.
  Amsterdam: Benjamins.

New publication by Anke Himmelreich:

Himmelreich, A., (2023) “Feature deletion by head movement – A new solution to agreement asymmetries in Modern Standard Arabic”, Glossa: a journal of general linguistics 8(1). doi:

 New publication by Anke Himmelreich and Katharina Hartmann:

Himmelreich, Anke & Hartmann, Katharina, (2023) “Agreement with disjoined subjects in German”, Glossa: a journal of general linguistics 8(1). doi:

New publications by Markus Bader:

Bader, Markus & Michael Meng. 2023. Processing noncanonical sentences: Effects of context on online processing and (mis)interpretation. Glossa Psycholinguistics 2(1). 1–45. doi: 10.5070/G6011117

New publication by Yvonne Portele and Markus Bader

Portele, Yvonne & Markus Bader. 2023. Strong semantic biases make demonstrative pronouns act like personal pronouns. Glossa: a journal of general linguistics 8(1). 1–39. doi: 10.16995/glossa.8832

New publication by Helmut Weiß:

Weiß, Helmut (2022): Empirical Evidence for Split-CP in German (varieties). Double Complementizers in Saurian and E-Topicalization in Bavarian. In: FS Cecilia Poletto. Special issue of Quaderni di lavoro ASIt.

New publication by Helmut Weiß:

Trutkowski, Ewa, und Helmut Weiß (2023): Zeugen gesucht! Zur Geschichte des generischen Maskulinums im Deutschen. In: Linguistische Berichte 273: 5-40.

New publication by Gerrit Kentner:

Kentner, G., Franz, I., Knoop, C.A., & Menninghaus, W. (2023). The final lengthening of pre-boundary syllables turns into final shortening as boundary strength levels increase. Journal of Phonetics.

New publication by Gerrit Kentner:

Kentner, G. (accepted). Reduplication as expressive morphology in German. In: Williams, J. (Eds.): Expressivity in the European Linguistic Sphere. Cambridge University Press.

New publication by Gerrit Kentner:

Arjava, H., & Kentner, G. (2022). Alignment of prosodic weight and musical length in Finnish vocal music textsetting. In: Scharinger, M. and Wiese, R. (Eds.): How Language Speaks to Music: Prosody from a Cross-domain Perspective. De Gruyter. 161-189.

New publication by Gerrit Kentner:

Kentner, G., Franz, I., & Menninghaus, W. (2022). Poetics of reduplicative word formation: evidence from a rating and recall experiment. Language & Cognition, 14(3), 333-361.

New publication by Gerrit Kentner:

Kentner, G. (2022). Phonetik und Phonologie des Deutschen. In: Klabunde, R., Mihatsch, W., Dipper, S. (Hgg): Linguistik im Sprachvergleich. Germanistik — Romanistik — Anglistik. J.B. Metzler / Springer. 3-25.

New publication by Gerrit Kentner:

Kentner, G. (2022). DO NOT REPEAT: repetition and reduplication in German revisited. In: Eitelmann, M. Haumann, D. (Hgg): Extravagant Morphology. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 181-205.

New publication by Corinna Langer and Frank Kügler:

Langer, C., & Kügler, F. (2022). Focus and Prosodic Cues in Hungarian Noun Phrases. In Proc. 1st International Conference on Tone and Intonation (TAI) (pp. 219-223).

New publication by Corinna Langer:

Balogh, Kata and Langer, Corinna. “Additive particles, prosodic structure and focus sensitivity in Hungarian” Linguistics, vol. 60, no. 1, 2022, pp. 277-314.

New publication by Frank Kügler:

Citation: Kügler, F. (2022): Phrase-Level ATR Vowel Harmony in Anum—A Case of Recursive Prosodic Phrasing. Languages 2022, 7(4), 308;

New research project in ViCom by Frank Kügler:

Co-speech gestures and prosody as multimodal markers of information structure” (PI: Prof. Dr. Frank Kügler (Goethe University) & Prof. Dr. Pilar Prieto Vives (UPF Barcelona); Beginn: Oktober 2022). 

New research project in ViCom by Cornelia Ebert:

Visual and Non-visual Means of Perspective Taking in Language” (PI: Prof. Dr. Cornelia Ebert (Goethe University) & Prof. Dr. Stefan Hinterwimmer (University of Wuppertal); Beginn: Oktober 2022). 

New publication by Frank Kügler:

Wang B, Kügler F and Genzel S (2022) The interaction of focus and phrasing with downstep and post-low-bouncing in Mandarin Chinese. Front. Psychol. 13:884102.