We warmly welcome all first-year students to the Department of Linguistics.

We wish you a good start to your studies!

Your Institute for Linguistics

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Location of the Institute of Linguistics on the Westend campus

IG Farbenhaus 4.OG (=5th floor) Q2/Q3 &
2.OG (=3rd floor) Q1 (Prof. Weiß) 

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Digital tour of the Campus Westend
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Contact persons

If you have any questions about specific courses or other concerns, please contact the relevant lecturers or secretarians (you can find all contacts via our website)

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Summer term 2024:

Course materials (OLAT)

Please remember to join all accompanying Olat courses promptly at the start of lectures. Since some events only take place digitally, it is particularly important for you to have access to all teaching content as well as information about the course of the respective course.

Study planning BA linguistics

Information about study planning

Handout about the organization of the optional module