Prof. Dr. Cornelia Ebert
Goethe Fellow at the Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften


Kathryn Barnes (Ph.D. student at the Institute of Linguistics)

Ph.D. Students (RTG)

Maximilian Berthold

Julien Foglietti

Project staff

Dr. Petra Augurzky (Post-Doc in the project IDEAlISM)

Student assistants

Annalena Dehn (GU Frankfurt)

Kim Tien Nguyen (GU Frankfurt)

Lennart Fritzsche (GU Frankfurt)

Theresa Stender (HU Berlin)

Scientific Profile

The scientific focus of the professorship in semantics is on the meaning of language in the semantics-pragmatics interface with a special focus on semantic phenomena of visual communication, dimensions of meaning and multimodality, iconicity, information structure, quantification, and indefiniteness. Current research projects are concerned with phenomena of visual communication, especially with the contribution of gesture to the meaning of speech.


Room: IG 4.314

Phone: 069/798 32392

E-Mail: ebert AT

Office Hours

On appointment. If you want to meet with Prof. Dr. Cornelia Ebert, please writ her an email. Note that Prof. Dr. Cornelia Ebert will not be on campus regularly during the winter term 2022/2023 as she is on research leave.


IMPORTANT: To prevent spreading of the Corona virus, students are asked to either call or send an E-Mail before coming by personally to check if a personal visit is necessary and to make an appointment if needed.

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