Open Science at the Department for Linguistics

The term open science is generally understood to mean scientific practice in which others can participate and contribute. Open Science includes dimensions that are sometimes defined differently, with the Goethe University currently following focused:


Open Data (controls open data that can be redistributed and used by others)

Open access (controlled open access to scientific literature and other materials)

Open Methodology (controlled open methodology documents the methods used and discloses them for reproducibility)

Open Educational Resources (open educational resources are freely accessible teaching and learning materials that can be reused)

Citizen Science supports research projects or carries them out with the help of interested laypersons)

Open Data

The following open datasets have been created through research at the Department for Linguistics:

Open Access

Many of the recent publications from the Institute of Linguistics are open-access, making them freely and publicly available.

Open Methodology

The following OSF repositories openly document research methodologies:

Open Educational Ressources

The following teaching materials are freely accessible:

Specialist Information Service for Linguistics

The specialist information service for linguistics is also located at the Goethe University (FiD Linguistik).