Prof. Dr. Frank Kügler


Julia Adebar
Tina Bögel
Sebastian Bredemann
Alina Gregori
Gerrit Kentner
Nathalie Klenner
Corinna Langer
Birgit Nutz
Anna Pressler
Paula G. Sánchez-Ramón
Natascha Schuldes

Scientific profile

  • Prosody, tone and intonation
  • Intonation and information structure
  • Intonation and sentence mode
  • Prosodic typology
  • Prosodic phrasing and recursivity
  • Experimental phonology


Room: IG 4.315
Telefon: 069 / 798-32217
E-Mail: kuegler AT


Scheinabholung: Mi, 10:00 – 12:00
Contact: Birgit Nutz, nutz AT


New Projects:

Frank Kügler, Frankfurt, und Pilar Prieto, Barcelona:
Co-speech gestures and prosody as multimodal markers of information structure (MultIS)
Teil des Schwerpunktprogramms ViCom: Visual Communication. Theoretical, Empirical, and Applied Perspectives, DFG Priority Programme 2329, Cornelia Ebert und Markus Steinbach

New Publications:

Wang B, Kügler F and Genzel S. 2022. The interaction of focus and phrasing with downstep and post-low-bouncing in Mandarin Chinese. Front. Psychol. 13:884102. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2022.884102

Current conference activities:

Several members of the group visited the P and P 18 in Bielefeld:

  • Alina Gregori and Frank Kügler presented a talk on The Distribution of Co-speech Gestures, Information Structure and Prosody: A Corpus Study on Prominence Peak Alignment.
  • Corinna Langer and Frank Kügler presented a poster on Phrase boundaries and pitch accents in Hungarian focus marking.
  • Anna Preßler, Frank Kügler and Fatima Hamlaoui presented a poster on Rhythmic alternation or alternation rythmique? Prosodic factors in the positioning of a sub-class of attributive adjectives in French.
  • Tina Bögel and students from the class on the “prosodic word” presented a poster on Präfixe im Deutschen und das prosodische Wort.


There are two laboratories associated with the chair of phonology:

If you would like to use the laboratories, please contact Tina Bögel.

Current news and information:

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Former members

Beata Moskal
Dominik Thiele