Syntax professorship

On this page, you will find information about the Syntax professorship held by Prof. Dr. Katharina Hartmann at the Institute of Linguistics.

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Room: IG 4.257
Tel.: 069 / 798-32386
E-Mail: k.hartmann AT

Office hours (starting Apr 15, 2024 w/o registration):

Thursdays, 2-3pm


Birgit Nutz
Room: IG 4.316
Tel: 069/798-32218
E-Mail: nutz AT




(During lecture-free periods, office hours may differ from those specified here.)



Prof. Dr. Katharina Hartmann

Dr. Johannes Mursell

Dr. Anke Himmelreich (on leave)

Office hours summer term 24:
Thursdays, 2 – 3pm

Office hours summer term 24:
Thursdays, 12 – 1 pm

Office hours summer term 24:
Mondays and Fridays via Zoom by appointment via e-mail

Department members

Dr. Matthias Schulze-Bünte

Office hours summer term 24:
Mondays, 2pm – 3pm

Student assistants

Thi Bich Phuong Dang
(Student assistant professorship)

Ateş İsmail Çalışır
(Student assistant research)

Emir Sultan Berber
(Student assistant research)


Former Staff

Viola Schmitt

Peter W. Smith

Zheng Shen


Research profile

We do syntax!

  • generative syntax and universal grammar
  • Information structure and grammar
  • Syntax of the Mabia languages
  • Architecture of interfaces

Current research

The VP-periphery in Mabia languages (DFG-funded project, PI: Prof. Dr. Hartmann)

Teaching SoSe 2024

BA/Teacher education:

  • Typologie (Prof. Dr. Hartmann, Mo 12-14, SH 0.107)
  • Informationsstruktur (Dr. Mursell, Mi 10-12, IG 4.301)
  • Syntax I (Dr. Schulze-Bünte, Mi 10-12)
  • Deskriptive Syntax (Dr. Schulze-Bünte, Mo 10-12, IG 411)
  • Grundlagen der theoretischen Syntax (Dr. Schulze-Bünte,  Mi 10-12, IG 411)
  • Syntax II (Dr. Schulze-Bünte, IG 411)


  • Ellipsis (Prof. Dr. Hartmann, Do 08-10, IG 4.301)
  • Syntax Colloquium (Prof. Dr. Hartmann, Mo 16-18, IG 4.301)
  • Syntax III (Dr. Johannes Mursell, Di 14-16, NB 1.741a)




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