Linguistics within the Teacher Education Program

The Institute of Linguistics offers classes within the Teacher Education Program on German linguistics. See the following links for more information:


General Information for the Allocation of Places for the L1 Examinations

Places for the examination in L1-German will be allocated via OLAT (see link above) approximately 9 months before your examination date within the given deadlines. All registrations in OLAT will be collected in a pool and distributed among the examiners of the five majors. If there are not enough places available in the desired majors, the distribution will be done by lottery. Those who do not receive a place in the desired major will be assigned an examiner in one of the other majors. The order of registration does not matter. You can register during the entire period.

There is no entitlement to an examination in the desired major and to a specific examiner.

You will be informed as soon as places have been allocated (by mid-April/mid-October). Please discuss the exam topics with your examiner.

Please note that this allocation of places does not replace the examination registration for the first state examination. Information on this can be found on the websites of the Hessische Lehrkräfteakademie:

Registration procedure for courses and exams at the Institute of Linguistics

  1. Registration for courses: If you would like to register for courses at our institute, you can do so in the following ways:
    a.  You can register for the introductory courses via QIS within the registration deadline. If you have missed the deadline, you can directly contact the lecturers by mail within the first week of the semester.
    b.  For courses where you cannot register directly via QIS, the course description will describe how registration is handled.
  2. Registration for the individual exams: Registration for exams for all courses also takes place via Qis/LSF in the new study programmes. All others still submit module certificates to the examination offices. If you have any questions, please contact the respective lecturer.
  3. Registration procedure ABL: Remember to register at the ABL for the BA examination/state exam in the 1st semester:


Examiners at the Institute of Linguistics

Markus Bader
Cornelia Ebert
Katharina Hartmann

Gerrit Kentner
Frank Kügler
Cécile Meier
Johannes Mursell
Matthias Schulze-Bünte
Thomas Strobel
Helmut Weiß


Information regarding the current teaching situation

Starting in winter semester 2021/22, the university will strive to take a step towards normality. Due to the changing conditions, it is planned to offer more classes in presence again. The corresponding schedules of the individual courses can be found in the course catalog (or, in the Olat courses). Please check those sites regularly, as changes can always occur in the dynamic situation of the pandemic. I.e., formats of individual courses may be adjusted and/or changed. We will keep you up to date!