Information Corona

The Institute of Linguistics would like to point out that direct contact with our employees is still limited by the current requirements of the City of Frankfurt am Main and the Goethe University.

Current regulations (starting April 04, 2022):

  • Access to the university buildings is possible for everybody, including externals. There is no access control anymore.
  • For staff, there is an obligation to wear masks, unless you are in the office by yourself or can keep distance to your office mate(s) of at least 1.5 metres.
  • For lecturers, there is an obligation to wear a mask unless you can keep a distance of at least 4 metres to the first row of the audience.
  • For students/externals there is a strong recommendation to wear masks at all times in the buildings (surgical masks or FFP2). There is no obligation to wear masks.

All the current information for employees and students of the Goethe University regarding Corona can be found here. Please contact the respective sectetariats or lecturers (all contacts can be found on our homepage). 

Further information for students:

  • Please remember to register for your courses in Olat. This is the only way you will (usually) have access to all learning material of the respective courses. If you have any problems, please contact the relevant lecturer.
  • For the coming semester it is planned to return completely to in-person teaching.  There are no regulations, including no obligation to wear. However, it is strongly recommended to wear a mask (surgical ones or FFP2). Please check the course descriptions in the course catalogue and further the associated Olat courses for the specific schedule of the relevant courses.
  • Workrooms for students are available on the Westend Campus.
  • If you have any further questions, please contact the respective lecturers.

We wish you a good start of the semester,

Your Institute for Linguistics