We are very happy to announce a guest talk, which will take place on Friday, June 14, 4 – 6 pm in IG 4.301.

Hans-Martin Gärtner (HAS-RIL Budapest) „Varieties of Dependent V2 and Verbal Mood: A View from Icelandic“.


I will discuss varieties of “dependent V2” with “broad” (bDV2) and “narrow” (nDV2) distribution − aka “generalized” and “limited embedded V2” − arising within Icelandic. This pattern is taken to correlate with construals of verbal mood as “dominant” in the former and “non-dominant” in the latter case, where dominance of verbal mood allows disregarding the illocutionary impact of V2. I further show that the variation fits into a model of historical stages with earlier variants “recruiting” verbal mood for clause combining and drift in later stages toward “autonomous” mood, i.e., toward a mood system with enhanced semantico-pragmatic transparency.

You are cordially invited!