Dear all,

We are happy to announce a joint syntax and phonology colloquium with two WOCAL talks (

Date: Monday,  31.05.2021
Time: 16-18
Location: Zoom:  Please register beforehand ( to receive the access data to zoom.

Daniel Aremu & Frank Kügler:
On the suspension of downstep – the case of Yoruba polar question intonation

Abstract: In this talk, we present an analysis of tonal downstep in Yoruba declaratives and polar questions. Polar questions are formed in two different ways, either with sentence-initial question particles, or string-identical to statements. We show that downstep is not suspended in question intonation, which holds for all polar question formation strategies. This finding is contrary to claims made on downstep in questions (Hyman 2001). 

Johannes Mursell & Katharina Hartmann:
Selecting Alternatives in Eton

Abstract: In this talk,  we provide a novel analysis of the augment in the Bantu language Eton, based on original fieldwork. We argue that in contrast to previous analyses, the augmentin Eton not only marks local modification of the noun but does indeed have semantic content.More particularly, the augment signals establishment of and selection from a set of alternativesin the common ground.  This makes the augment in Eton similar to what has been claimed forother languages in this area.