The next talk in the phonology colloquium will be by Corinna Langer on „Focus sensitivity and prosodic structure in Hungarian – A case study on the additive particle is“ (Room: IG 4.301). Everybody is welcome! —

In this talk, I present a case study on the Hungarian additive particle is `also, too‘. It is an investigation on the (syntax-)semantics-prosody interface, looking at five different usages of the additive particle, the readings and interpretations it can occur with, and their relation to the prosodic pattern of the clause. Following Balogh (to appear), the additive paticle is analyzed as being associated with the pragmatic focus (Lambrecht 1994) of the sentence. In this study, I show that not all of the five usages are focus sensitive and present the prosodic patterns of the different usages and the different possible focus domains of the focus sensitive readings.