We are happy to announce the next talk in the Phonology Colloquium by Caroline Féry (GU).

Title: The recursive structure of the prosodic word in German
Date: Wednesday, 25.01.2023
Time: 16-18 ct.
Location: in person on campus IG 4.301 (we will stream the talk via Zoom)
If you are registered in Olat you’ll find the Zoom link there. If you want to participate via Zoom, please register via email to Alina Gregori: gregori@lingua.uni-frankfurt.de

We will look at the interface between morphology and prosodic structure, i.e., how morphemes and words are mapped to prosodic constituents such as moras, syllables, feet and prosodic words. Beside a demonstration of the recursive prosodic structure of inflection, derivation and compounding – the typical concatenative morphological processes of German – the outputs of the non-concatenative part of morphology – usually a disyllabic trochee – will also be addressed. Ito & Mester’s (2012) min-max model of prosodic structure will be used and a formal OT approach will be sketched.