We are happy to announce two talks by Kwaku Sasu (GU) and by Ateş İsmail Çalışır (GU) in the Syntax Colloquium.

The talks will take place in person. Room IG 4.301

Date: January 29, 2024

Time: 4 pm – 6 pm ct

Kwaku Sasu:
Title: „Negation in Anufo”


The talk looks at Negation in Anufo, A Niger-Congo language spoken in Northen Ghana. A general overview of negation patterns in the language and other aspects of negation in the language will be discussed.

Ateş İsmail Çalışır:
Title: “Biased Polar Questions in Turkish”


Biased Polar Questions are a cross-linguistically observed phenomena, closely related to High and Low negation in polar questions. In this talk, I will try to argue for a biased polar question analysis in Turkish and potential consequences and evidences regarding their syntactic and contextual status.