We welcome Seunghun J. Lee (Christian University, Tokyo) as this year’s guest professor

We are happy to welcome our guest Prof. Dr. Seunghun J. Lee from Christian University, Tokyo (https://sites.google.com/info.icu.ac.jp/linglab/home), who will be a guest researcher and lecturer at the Department of Linguistics in July 2022 as part of the International Campus Programme  (https://www.uni-frankfurt.de/56181581/International_Campus). 
In the MA Programme „Linguistics“, he will teach a course on „Prosody-Syntax-Interface: Theoretical and practical applications“ – and everybody is welcome to participate. Registration for the course is via Olat. Here is the link to his class.
Seunghun will be here the whole month of July. He is more than happy to discuss linguistic issues with colleagues and students. If anybody is interested in meeting him, just send him an email to s.lee@em.uni-frankfurt.de
He can be reached in person in office IG 4.315.