We are happy to announce a talk by Frank Sode. Please find an abstract below.

Title: „Gut“ as a predicate of worlds
Room: IG 4.301
Date: November 28
Time: 4pm – 6pm

In this talk I discuss the meaning of the evaluative adjective „gut“ when combined with finite „dass“ (‚that‘)- and „wenn“ (‚if‘)-clauses as in (1).

(1)    a. Es ist       gut,  dass du   gehst.
            It be.IND good that  you go.IND
        b. Es ist       gut,   wenn du   gehst.
            It be.IND good if        you go.IND
        c. Es wäre     gut,   wenn du   gehen würdest.
            It  be.SUBJ good if        you go      will.SUBJ

The focus of this talk will be on the rules of use of these sentences against a given conversational background and how they can be derived from a semantics for „wenn“/“dass“ and IND/SUBJ under the assumption that „gut“ is a ‚regular‘ gradable adjective – with a twist: It takes a world argument in its subject position.